Space Law
Implementation Agreement for the Moon Treaty
A 10-paragraph proposed Agreement with annotated explanation.

Beyond UNISPACE: Time for the Moon treaty (abstract)
Expanded version of paper presented October 3, 2018, at International Astronautical Congress in Bremen,

Hague Building Blocks: A Small Step Toward the Moon Treaty?
Extended comments on the Draft Building Blocks proposed by the Hague Space Resources Governance
Working Group

Space Law 2018: Nationalists vs. Internationalists
Report on the first Conference on Space Law in the United States, convened by the International Institute of
Space Law (published in The Space Review on
April 30, 2018.)

Protests Against Militarization of Outer Space at Annual U.S. Space Symposium
"Space is a warfighting domain," declared Vice-President Mike Pence.  Protesters disagree.

Memorandum in Opposition to Proposal to Weaken the Moon Treaty
(published in The Space Review on March 3, 2018.)