The Space Treaty Institute

Cleveland-Marshall Space Law Conference, March 2020 (from left): Dennis O’Brien (Space Treaty Institute), Michelle Hanlon (For All Moonkind), Chris Johnson (Secure World Foundation), Steve Mirmina (NASA), Jessy Schingler (Open Lunar Foundation). (photo credit: Cleveland-Marshall School of Law)

Welcome to The Space Treaty Institute, a scientific and educational nonprofit located in Mendocino County, California. The mission of the Institute is to give people Hope and Inspiration by helping the nations of the Earth to build a Common Future.

At this moment in history, the best way to do that is by building an international framework of laws that will support public and private activity in outer space. By extending the rule of law into space, we can achieve the twin goals of peaceful cooperation and sustainable development.

Right now there is a gap in space law, one that finds its origins in the Outer Space Treaty. Article II of that treaty states that